Columbus Home Renovations:  DIY or general contractor?

1 min read     •     August 1, 2020

Here Are The Pros and Cons To Home Renovations

Maybe you spent quarantine watching reruns of This Old House, and it's given you a few ideas for home improvement projects.

While it may be tempting to jump in and tackle home improvements yourself, you should first assess whether you have the skills and resources needed to pull the project off.

Here are a few pros and cons to weigh when deciding to hire a general contractor or go the do-it-yourself route:

DIY: Pros and cons:


Pro: Youll learn a lot

A home improvement project is a chance to learn about home maintenance and construction. You can also get creative and solve new problems.

Con: Youre going to spend a lot of time learning

Most home improvement projects take a while to complete by yourself. Expect to spend at least a weekend or two learning the ropes, purchasing supplies, and working on the project.

Pro: You could save money

You won’t be paying an hourly labor cost, since you are the labor, so you may end up saving money. The supplies and tools you purchase for the project could also come in handy for future projects or home maintenance.

Con: Mistakes could cost you more 

There are plenty of right ways to complete a home improvement project, but there are also more than enough wrong ways to do a home improvement project. Some homeowners find this out the hard way and end up calling in a contractor later to fix their mistakes.

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General Contractor: Pros and Cons

Pro: Contractors have liability insurance

Experienced general contractors should have insurance to protect against any unforeseen snags. So, if they make a mistake you won’t be on the hook to pay for it.

Con: Availability may vary

Experienced general contractors are in high demand. If you want to hire the best, which you should, you may end up waiting until they are free to take on your project. That can be inconvenient if you want to get the job done by a specific date, but you should keep in mind that a contractor will likely get the job done faster.

Pro: Contractors have training and experience

While this may be your first time installing decorative shingles, for example, chances are your general contractor already has a few dozen of those jobs under his or her tool belt. Your general contractor will also be up to speed on building permits, zoning rules, and local building codes.

Con: You’ll need to pay for their skills and expertise

The more experienced and talented your general contractor is, the more you’re going to have to pay them. While it may be a significant expense, you should weigh the added value their work brings to your home.

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