How Ohio homeowners should handle roof repairs from storm damage

1 min read     •     August 1, 2020

Storms can cause devastating damage to your roof and lead to further water damage if repairs are not completed by a trusted roofer promptly and professionally. 

Here is what you should do to address roof damage caused by a storm:

1. Grab the binoculars

Always visually inspect your roof after a storm for damage. You can do this from the ground with a pair of binoculars, but you may want to grab a ladder to check things out up close if it is safe. Sometimes roof damage is not immediately apparent, but if you notice curled and missing shingles, it could be a sign that your roof was damaged and needs repairs. There may also be damaged or missing roof flashing in valleys and around chimneys or vents that can cause leaks. Contact a roofer as soon as possible if you notice water damage inside your home.


2. Respond to damage quickly

If there is obvious damage to your roof, you can use a tarp to temporarily keep moisture out of your home until a roofer can come by and get started on repairs or possibly a roof replacement. Be sure to call a trusted roofer as soon as possible because they may be busy with multiple repairs after a big storm, so you will want to get on their radar early on. If the damage appears to be significant, stay out of your home until an inspector can check it for structural damage.


3. Get in touch with your insurance company.

Homeowners insurance will typically cover damage caused by storms. You will need to accurately and thoroughly document any damage when you go to file a claim. An experienced roofer can help you explain the damage and give you the documents and receipts that your insurance company will need to process your insurance claim.


4. Check your warranty

If you have a newer roof, it still may be covered by the warranty. All roof warranties are different, but they may cover the cost of a new roof or repairs. You may be covered and not realize it because some roof warranties automatically transfer to a new homeowner.

5. Always do your homework on your contractor

Although you need your roof repaired quickly, be sure to check your roofing contractor’s license, insurance, and reviews before hiring them. Be wary of traveling contractors who follow storms and stick to local names with a solid reputation.


If your home in Columbus, Ohio was damaged in a storm, reach out to Dan Hickman, owner of Eagle Pro Home Solutions. In times of recovery, you need a trusted roofer on your side to handle your storm repairs. With more than 40 years of experience, Dan and his team at Eagle Pro Home Solutions can put you at ease and get your roof repaired.


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