5 Renovation Tips and STrategies for big projects in columbus

1 min read     •     April 1, 2021

Simple Strategies To Tackles Major Home Renovations In Columbus

Home renovations are becoming a popular pastime for people stuck at home during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

According to the 2020 State of Home Spending Report by Home Advisor, homeowners completed more home projects in 2020 than the year prior, spending on average about $13,000 per household on home renovations and maintenance. According to homeowners surveyed, 41% said they chose to undergo a home improvement project to make their home better suit their lifestyle needs.

Are you one of the many homeowners getting ready to tackle a significant home renovation? Here are five tips and strategies to make the process go smoothly:

1. Create a master file

Good organization is your friend for a successful home renovation. Keep paper copies of every document and important conversations so you can easily share and reference the information.

Here’s what to include in your master file:

•       Ideas, photos and inspiration for your project

•       Clear, detailed lists that define the budget and scope of work

•       from start to finish

•       Your overall budget and budget breakdowns for specific

•       projects and supplies

•       Price quotes you receive from different subcontractors

•       Any change orders you receive during the process

•       Receipts and/or invoices for work and supplies

•       Any contracts you sign


2. Get your subcontractors on the same page

For major home renovations, you will likely work with a few different firms and designers. Once you form a team of subcontractors, be sure they all understand what their tasks are and what everyone else is responsible for handling. This is where your lists and documents will come in handy. Listen to your subcontractors’ advice and note any information you may need to communicate to another subcontractor.

3. Run through plans one more time before work starts

Touch base with your subcontractors one more time before they get started on a big project to be sure they understand your expectations and timeline. Clear up any lingering questions or design specifications so they will not have to go back and redo work later. This 10-minute conversation could end up saving you lots of headaches later on.

4. Keep detailed notes

You will likely receive lots of new information as work on your home progresses. Be sure you take notes during conversations and save any messages and emails that contain information about your home improvement project. Detailed notes will be helpful when you are communicating with future subcontractors, or during any contract disputes.


5. Prepare yourself for surprises

Even the best thought-out plans cannot account for every possible surprise along the way. Think about a contingency plan in case a job ends up taking longer than anticipated. Experts recommend setting aside an extra 10% in your budget for unforeseen expenses, according to an article in The Washington Post.


Although home renovation projects are a lot of work, they can be very rewarding if you find the best professionals.


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