7 Simple Winter Projects

1 min read     •     January 1, 2021

It may be easier to take on home maintenance projects when the weather is sunny and warm, but you can still get plenty of things done during the winter when you’re stuck inside.

A lot of home maintenance projects are best done when the weather is warm and sunny, it is a lot easier. However, during winter when you are caught up indoors most of the time, a lot of things can be achieved too. Make the best out of the cold season and handle the necessary chores.



If the cold in your place of residence is intolerable, then the cause could be from your roof space lining. The purpose of the roof space lining is to hedge in heat that rises toward the roof and if has gone bad, or worn out, then you need to either add some more lining or change it completely. Doing this will help warm up the place again.



During winter, there is nothing nicer than warming up around a home-made fire. But before you set this up, buy wood, and put on the gas, you ought to clean out your vent or chimney to avoid creosote fires. Most people prefer to hire the services of professionals to do the cleaning for them, but with the right tools and the technical know-how, you can do it yourself.



Certain areas of the house can get unbearably cold during winter as a result of drafty windows, thus overworking the heating system. The good thing is fixing a drafty window is quite simple and doesn’t require any professional skill. Here is how to repair a drafty window; you can either install weather-stripping that forms a seal that blocks out drafts or use window caulking around the joints in the window trim. But if you think your windows need to be changed, you can get in touch with a contractor who can best advise you on all the replacement options that can solve the problem.



During winter, painting outside of the house is not a good idea for most people, but painting the interior of the house is just perfect. Using an energized new color or a fresh coat of paint gives a room that classy, clean, and fresh feel and on top of that increases the value of your home.



Debris, allergens, and dust particles can get trapped in your air vessel which isn’t good especially during winter where you are at home most of the time. If you or your family are experiencing a tough time with allergies or you can see that your system has held in a lot of dust and debris, you will need to pay a professional to have your air vessel cleaned. All the system’s heating and cooling parts will be thoroughly cleaned.


Your bathroom can look and feel dirty as a result of old and decayed grout. What you can do to make your bathroom look and feel neat again is to regrout. Begin with taking out the old grout with the use of a grout straw, then use a vacuum cleaner to clear out dirt and debris, after which you can apply the new grout using a grout float. This process takes less than 24 hours to finish, but you will have to wait for two or more days to ensure the grout is cured before making use of the bathroom again.



During winter, your HVAC system keeps working hard to ensure your home remains at a comfortable temperature. To make sure it works efficiently and revamp your indoor air quality in general, endeavor to replace your air filter every 30 to 90 days.

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