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1 min read     •     March 1, 2021

Finding the right roofing contractor to hire in the Columbus, Ohio area can be overwhelming.

There are many outstanding roofers in the market, but you will want to do your research and vet contractors based on their qualifications, reputations, and prices.

1. Ask around about local roofing contractors

Talk to other people in the community to get a sense of which roofing contractors are popular and have the best reputations. You can ask your realtor, coworkers, friends, and other contractors for their opinions. Pay attention to how they describe a roofing contractor’s quality of work and professionalism. Prices will likely vary depending on the job and other factors, so do not assume you’ll get the same great deal your friend across town got. It may also help to join neighborhood social media groups or use Angie's List to read detailed contractor reviews.


2. Check a roofing contractor’s licenses and liability insurance

Once you have a list of names, you can search online for the roofing contractors’ licenses and insurance information. Ohio roofing contractors do not need to have a statewide license, but they may be subject to local regulations. Columbus requires roofing contractors to complete an application process before they can work within the city. Contractors should also carry liability insurance, and they should be able to show you their insurance certificates upon request. Be sure to call the insurance company to confirm the contractor does hold a current insurance policy.


3. Call a roofing contractor’s references

When you reach out to potential roofing contractors, ask for at least three former customers you can contact. Experienced roofing contractors should have a few references who would be happy to chat with you about their experience. It will also give you a good idea of what a working relationship will be like with the contractor. If your roofing project is unique or involves a special material or technique, ask to speak with references who had similar work done.


4. Stick to local roofing companies

Find roofing contractors based in your area. Local contractors will be familiar with the area building codes and maybe even different homeowners association rules. Local contractors also will likely have more honest reviews and will work harder to maintain their reputations.


5. Shop around and get a few quotes

Take your time and shop around for a roofing contractor. A good rule of thumb is to speak with at least three contractors to get a sense of local rates. Do not work with a contractor just because they come back with the cheapest quote.

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